Present work

At the present time I am a part-time assistant proffesor, in charge of laboratory, in the career of Informatics Engineering at Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences, National University of Litoral.

Graduate courses:

Undergraduate courses:

Past work

In the past I was a teacher assistant in the career of Bioengineering, at Engineering Faculty, National University of Entre Ríos.

Undergraduate Course:

Undergraduate thesis directed

  • Title: Design and implementation of a Tool for Visualization of digital electrocardiographic signals. Career: Informatics Engineering. Authors: Joaquin Barreyro, Alejandro Ronsoni. Director: Leandro Di Persia. In ejecution.

Undergraduate thesis evaluated

  • Title: Automatic Biometrical Identity Verification using Facial Recognition. Career: Informatics Engineering. Authors: Omar Müller, Sebastián Long. Director: Cesar Martinez. Approved 04/05/2007.
  • Title: Development of a masticatory events recognizer for cattle based on hidden Markov models. Career: Informatics Engineering. Author: María Soledad Padrón. Director: Diego H. Milone. Co-Director: Hugo L. Rufiner. Approved 14/11/2008
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