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Dear Junjie Yang,

At this time I do not have a Matlab release version of the code. I plan to do it but it will depend on my free time which is a little short right now so I cannot tell you when I will be releasing the Matlab code.
The code in c++ is implemented as a library, and the example program I released produces two wav outputs given two .wav files, so it can be easily called from inside Matlab. Thus if you need to process the files from inside Matlab it would be easy to call te program from Matlab and then load the output signals into matlab to continue the processing.

Regarding the central bin, as explained in the paper, this is a point that needs to be explored further. One can assume that there should be a central bin that will produce the best result, but still is an open problem how to find that optimal bin. In the original paper what we have done was to use some knowledge of the sources to propose some bin that can be better. Another solution would be to use jus the bin in the center of the frequency range. Finally, we have developed another approach, using mutual information to detect a priori which can be a good candidate for central bin. This method presented in a paper to appear in the Journal of Signal Processing Systems, "Correlated postfiltering and mutual information in pseudoanechoic model based blind source separation" L. Di Persia, D. H. Milone, Masuzo Yanagida Journal of Signal Processing Systems - 2010, and is available online at:

Best regards,

Simulation question about FDBSS
Junjie Yang (guest) 12 Aug 2010 10:03
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Dear Dr.Leandro Di Persia,
I am a MS student in China, I am very interest in your FDBSS method and now I am trying to realize your algorithm using matlab lauguage but I am not very familiar with the C++,so do you have a matlab version program about this algorithm? Another question is that I find it is hard to understand how to select the frequency bin in the step 2 in FDBSS algorithm,it seems that selection of frequency bin only depends on personal experience,can you give me more detail explanation to me?Thanks very much.
Yours reader,
Junjie Yang

Simulation question about FDBSS by Junjie Yang (guest), 12 Aug 2010 10:03

I would like to invite all users of the software to post their comments about the same. Please let me know about your experience with the software, errors, problems, or any other subject that could help me to improve the quality of these tools.

Feedback welcomed by Leandro Di PersiaLeandro Di Persia, 12 Jan 2010 20:35
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