Graduate Degree: Doctor in Engineering. Subject: Computational Intelligence, Signals and Sistems.

Engineering and Water Sciences Faculty (Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas)
National University of Litoral (Universidad Nacional del Litoral)
Santa Fe, Argentina
Thesis subject: Machine learning techniques for blind source separation with application to speech recognition.
Graduation date: 26/03/2009.

Undergraduate Degree: Bioengineer

Engineering Faculty (Facultad de Ingeniería)
National University of Entre Ríos (Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos)
Entre Ríos, Argentina
Thesis subject: System for localization and telemetry of biological signals for ambulances using a radiofrequency link.
Graduation date: 04/2003.
Average calification: 8.73 (of 10) from 50 courses.

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